What We Do

The US-Polish Trade Council can provide the following services:

  • Provide potential investors and business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic guidance, advice, and personal connections.
  • Contact database of Polish and Polish-American business leaders.
  • Facilitate meetings with Polish and American business leaders.
  • Organize trade and investment promotion activities, trade shows, symposiums, conferences, panels, both bilateral US-Polish and multinational.
  • Promote Poland as an attractive economic destination to business leaders in Silicon Valley/San Francisco.
  • Promote Silicon Valley/San Francisco as an attractive market and partnership venue for Polish enterprises.
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas and programs between scientific institutions in the U.S. and Poland.
  • Provide general information to the U.S.-Polish business community on opportunities and initiatives via:
    • Web site www.usptc.org
    • Periodic e-newsletter
    • Occasional e-mail notices
    • A multimedia internet-based information exchange platform

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