Investment strategies for Entrepreneurs in 2011

Investment strategies for Entrepreneurs in 2011

US-Polish Trade Council invites you to attend an event organized by GABA, BayBrazil, TEC, IEFF, Silicon French and U.S. Polish Trade Council titled: ”Investment strategies for Entrepreneurs in 2011.”

Please come to learn about how financing of start-up companies has evolved in recent years with the combination of available financing sources, including seed capital, angel- and VC-supplied money as well as multiple debt options.

Issues to be discussed:

Are entrepreneurs today financing their startups mainly by bootstrapping or have they found different ways to get their companies going?

  • How are VC’s adapting to these changes? Have they rolled out new financing models or are VC’s simply being replaced?
  • Have Angels and Super-Angels taken their place in getting start ups off the ground?
  • Is it easier getting financing in other countries now, or do startups still have to come to the US for that?

Come hear what the panelists have learned, and learn for yourself how to deal with this new shift of financing opportunities.

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