A workshop for executive team from Polish energy company, GK ENEA

A workshop for executive team from Polish energy company, GK ENEA

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GK ENEA Silicon Valley Executive Workshop
Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area
November 11-18, 2017

The world-renowned innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley thrives on cooperation between scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and market specialists. The intersection of top-level talent, academic resources, and business infrastructure creates unique opportunities for innovative corporations and competitive early-stage ideas to mature and flourish. A workshop for executive team from Polish energy company, GK ENEA, was jointly prepared and delivered by the US–Polish Trade Council and Stanford University. The goal: to energize the innovative spirit of GK ENEA through distillation and adaptation of the best practices developed and practiced in the academic, R&D, and business communities of Silicon Valley.  Workshop content was delivered by Dr. Dominik Schmidt of QVT – “Silicon Valley – the culture of innovative corporations”; Mr. Jeremy Sobel of Stanford University on “Design Thinking for Corporate Leadership”; Dr. Michael Lepech, Dr. Pedram Mokria, Dr. John Basbagill of Stanford University in a two day segment on “Driving Disruption in Established Firms Using a POP Framework”; Ms. Sila Kilicote of Stanford University on “Grid Innovations at Stanford”; Dr. Po Chi Wu (UC Berkeley) on “Key challenges in coming 5-10 years”; Mr. Daniel Bowermaster and Mr. Nicholas Tumilowicz, (Electric Power Research Institute) on energy storage, electromobility, and on cooperative programs; Mr. Mark Chandler (City of San Francisco) on “San Francisco – road towards Smart City”; and by the professional team of USPTC, Mr. Jerzy Orkiszewski, Mr. Marek Żywno, and Dr. Piotr Moncarz. The participants visited the office of USPTC in Palo Alto, the corporate headquarter of Exponent, toured the Silicon Valley and Stanford University studying the process from the university beginning, through development, financing to multi-billion, world leadership corporations.

Testimonial of Piotr Kloda, Director of Sales Support at ENEA SA

„Jeszcze raz serdeczne podziękowania za perfekcyjną organizację, opiekę i inspirujące wykłady. Dla mnie był to jeden z najciekawszych wyjazdów w jakich miałem okazje uczestniczyć.” 
(”Once again, heartfelt thanks for the perfect organization, care, and inspirational lectures. For me, this was one of the most interesting trips I had the opportunity to attend.”)


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