Intellectual Property Mangement Workshop brings Polish Experts to Silicon Valley

Intellectual Property Mangement Workshop brings Polish Experts to Silicon Valley

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Continuing their momentum toward global competitiveness and fostering innovation, the countries of the EU-12 are taking a fast-track approach to developing and implementing an intellectual property management infrastructure. The EU-12 region, with a population of 158 Million and a GDP that is already much higher than Russia, is increasingly making its presence felt on the global stage of technology sourcing, innovation and R&D.

At the forefront of this effort is Poland’s newly envisioned Intellectual Property Management Institute (IPMI).  Organized by efforts of leading universities with grant from the Govenment of Poland, the IPMI is coming straight to the source of the world’s technology innovations-Silicon Valley and Stanford University

On May 2-10, 2008 a delegation of 22 leaders from business, academia, and law participated in a series of workshops designed by Stanford Center for Professional Development. They left as the founding Curriculum Committee for the IPMI, tasked to create a learning infrastructure that will foster greater commercialization of technology innovations.  By 2010 the Institute will offer a Certificate in IP Management, and soon thereafter a master’s degree to business management executives in companies and universities.

IPMI’s fastrack approach means learning best practices and marshaling resources.
Through the help and support of the US-Polish Trade Council, a Silicon Valley -based trade organization, IPMI delegates heard from scholars from Stanford University and UC Berkeley, coupled with business leaders from Cisco and Microsoft who lectured and debated with the visitors the key aspects of IPM at all levels, from policy making to effective protection of legal rights.

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