Poland – Silicon Valley Science and Technology Symposium Advanced Materials, Sensors, and Energy 15-17 November 2012r.

Poland – Silicon Valley Science and Technology Symposium Advanced Materials, Sensors, and Energy 15-17 November 2012r.

Dear Colleagues,

We are honored to invite you to the Poland­–Silicon Valley Science and Technology Symposium, which will be held on 15–17 November 2012 at Stanford University, the heart of Silicon Valley. The Symposium is organized by the US-Polish Trade Council (USPTC) in cooperation with the Polish-American Engineers’ Club of Silicon Valley and the Council of Polish Engineers in North America.

For years, the Poland–Silicon Valley Science and Technology Symposium and Poland Day at the Global Technology Symposium have served as a critical arena for exploring issues pertaining to science, technology, and the financing of innovative enterprises in a context relevant for Poland. This year’s three-day PSVST symposium is organized in cooperation with professional associations on both sides of the Atlantic, supporting innovative scientific contacts between Poland and the United States. Thanks to the participation of high representatives of the Polish government and respected industry experts, the Poland-Silicon Valley Symposium ranks among the most important and widely recognized technological and scientific events promoting Polish innovation.

The PSVST symposium is an excellent opportunity to present the potential of Polish enterprises and the outstanding achievements of Polish science to American partners and investors interested in cooperation with Polish counterparts. During the symposium, representatives of the Polish economy have the opportunity to gain experience from the world’s leading centers of innovation, and establish cooperation with foreign companies.

We will be exploring topics of strategic importance to the development of the Polish and global economy, including:

  • Intelligent electricity networks:  is Poland going to be a consumer or partner?
  • The electric car:  how can Poland contribute to this technological breakthrough?
  • Shale gas:  what technologies should Poland be developing?
  • Sensors, MEMS:  what role should Poland play in this multibillion dollar, rapidly growing industry?
  • Revolutionary materials:  graphene and semiconductors are fields in which Poland has made great scientific achievements, but what is the plan to commercialize them?

Funding innovation and R&D:  institutional, governmental and private financing—scientific grants or the path to a thriving economy?

Our agenda also includes presentations by Polish regions and voivodships seeking interest from American partners. The symposium will end with a Meeting of the Council of Polish Engineers in North America.

Further information about the Polish Silicon Valley Science and Technology Symposium can be found at www.psvts.org.

We look forward to welcoming you in Silicon Valley!

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