Poles, time for Robotics

Poles, time for Robotics

The Polish firm Robotics Inventions National Drones (Robotics IND, Inc.) already operates in the U.S. Among the first potential customers B2B mobile industrial robots are Panasonic, Orange and EPRI.

Bloomberg Businessweek Poland has written about the company and its entry into the world markets picturing it as the only one that has marketed robots from Poland to the world: Polacy czas na roboty

The company has been advised among others by Mark Iwanowski form US-Polish Trade Council (USPTC) who had sold his startup to a military company Raytheon and later, as managing director before the IPO, invested in a small company iRobot, and by Bob Christopher who, as the founder of UGOBE, has been standing behind the success of the global robot PLEO and now is engaged in a great success for Jibo in the crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo.

Currently, the company is looking for an industrial and financial partner for production of robotic home vacuum cleaner RI Pi-R-2, which in the campaign on the AngelList platform is expected to cost $314. See Robotics

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