Spray Networks Inc. expands in Silicon Valley!

Spray Networks Inc. expands in Silicon Valley!

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We rarely hear about companies formed and managed by Polish entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley since building of a global company is not an easy task, which consists of a great product, a talented team, a good business model to scale in the extremely competitive U.S. market, a lot of hard work as well as good luck. The latter is also important in the ”basket of advantages” on the road to success of launching a product that customers and the market are ready for, being neither too early nor too late…

Few manage to do it, and among them is Kamil Kuchta , co-founder and CEO of Spray Networks Inc. Kamil Kuchta came to Silicon Valley as a participant of the first edition of the US -Poland Innovation Hub in 2012. US -Poland Innovation Hub is in preparing for its fifth edition, and Kamil Kuchta is still cooperating with us while building his next global project. Spray is the world’s first instant messaging application used for direct contact with people around you. Users can easily interact and send messages to all users in their close proximity. Replies create a private chat with the sender. Spray is an excellent tool to break the barrier of the first contact.

Spray Networks Inc. is based in the office of ”Innovation Hub” in Palo Alto, California, with Kamil Kuchta as its vital mentor to other Polish companies looking for the ”golden mean” for global expansion. The Spray application is currently available for download in the Apple store.

Let’s SPRAY the world!




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