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O Polsko-Amerykańskim Sympozjum Naukowo-Technologicznym na Stanfordzie w INNPoland

Co się działo podczas Polsko-Amerykańskiego Sympozjum Naukowo-Technologicznego na Stanfordzie w dniu 28 czerwca pisze Marta Zucker na łamach INNPoland. Czytaj tutaj.

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Reflection on 2016 Poland Day in Silicon Valley by Jeff Wallace

2016 Poland Day in Silicon Valley – Life Science Symposium By Jeff Wallace This week, I had the honor, as the President of Global Kinetics, to participate at the 2016… Read More

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Transferring the Silicon Valley Venture Capital Experience to Central-East Europe

By Caroline Safian Krawiec Brownston, Director of US-Polish Trade Council As one of the four co-founders of the US-Polish Trade Council (USPTC), I can recollect the dynamic changes within my… Read More

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Polonia – a vast, still untapped resource for growth of Polish economy

By Marek Konopnicki, Ph.D., Board Advisor of US-Polish Trade Council I am a member of a sizable group of Polish professionals who left or were asked to leave Poland during… Read More

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Conclusion of 2015 Poland Day in Silicon Valley

Poland Day in Silicon Valley 2015 by Jeff Wallace This week, I had the honor, as President of Global Kinetics (, to participate with and speak at the 2015 Poland… Read More

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Globally Smarter

By Clay A. Bullwinkel, Director of US-Polish Trade Council The U.S. Polish Trade Council (USPTC) offers a variety of services to assist Poland-based technology ventures in their investigation and development… Read More

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A Constant Change

By Jerzy Orkiszewski, President of US-Polish Trade Council When I first arrived in the Bay Area in the eighties, most of my friends worked for semiconductor manufacturers now long since… Read More

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