Open Innovation – Fourth Edition of US-Poland Innovation HUB

Open Innovation – Fourth Edition of US-Poland Innovation HUB

We would like to thank wholeheartedly US-Polish Trade Council (USPTC) for the most amazing 6 weeks of our professional lives. Your knowledge, support and connections were of great value and made a significant blueprint on our business. How did it all happen?

Initial Training – Cold Shower

We have started thinking the Silicon Valley way. It turned out that just the great product is not enough. Our development quickly began. It wasn’t the easiest process but it was essential so we could be better positioned for the expansion into the U.S. market.

Touching Down in Pivot Valley

With all interactions that we have received and created while we were in Palo Alto, our business model and strategy were rearranged a couple of times. There were a lot of great people to whom we had talked to, naming just a few: Mark Iwanowski, Krzysztof Kujawa, Stan Lewandowski, Sara Rauchwerger and Soody Tronson. Feedback, advice and leads from each of them were of great value. Eventually, we hope, we will benefit from most of those contacts in near or more distant future.

Polish Spirit

Polish people are known for their great hospitality. That doesn’t exclude people from USPTC. The one person that gave us most of her heart was Ela Kozera. An amazing woman who is a great organizer, listener and advisor. Because of our day-to-day contact with her, we could make much more from our business trip.


The last but for us the most important aspect of our relation with USPTC is that our relationship didn’t stop as we entered the plane heading home. We are having a good contact and further support from them even after our departure. We are thrilled to come back to the U.S. in order to establish our company there and continue this cooperation. Eventually, it would be our best privilege to support them in their mission of helping Polish companies become global because their attitude is viral.

Testimonial from Wojtek Gawlik and Aleksander Malaszkiewicz, CEO and CTO of Open Innovation, respectively.

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